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Pre-sale: 10:00AM BST, Wednesday 2nd October 2019.
General Sale: 10:00AM BST, Friday 4th October 2019.

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This album has been inspired by, sourced from and is dedicated to the natural world.
A percentage of pre sales are being donated to the Friends of the Earth’s 'Double Tree Cover’ in the UK campaign .

Old Wow Clear Vinyl + Black Vinyl $43.99

Old Wow Clear Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies only) + 12 x 12 Print (Signed) $27.99

Old Wow Clear Vinyl + CD (Signed) $34.99

Old Wow Vinyl + CD (Signed) $31.99

Old Wow Clear Vinyl + Black Vinyl + CD (Signed) $52.99

Old Wow CD Album (Signed) $12.99

Old Wow - Vinyl $25.99

Old Wow Test Pressing Vinyl (Signed + Hand Numbered - Limited to 20 Copies) $36.99

Old Wow Digital Album $10.99